Care Tips


Before taking on any puppy please read about the breed first and make sure you know the needs of that dog .

Poodles need to be brushed regularly and will also need to be clipped regularly which can be expensive so I advise you to find out where your local dog groomers are and how much this may cost you .

Poodles also have problems with hair growing down into the ear canal which needs to be pulled out (this does not hurt but does tiggle them) . you can do this yourself if you are confident enough or your groomer can do this for you when you take them to be clipped.

Poodles are very intelligent dogs and will learn very quickly , they are also what some people call Velcro dogs as they will follow you everywhere and constantly crave attention.

they are very good runners and they are extremely fast once allowed to be let off lead.


All dogs should be vaccinated every year starting with their first two at 8 and 12 weeks of age Even if you do not walk your dog you should still have this done as a prevention for airborne viruses and you can also bring these viruses into your house with the soles of your shoes so please consider this when buying you puppy/dog.


Worming is done every 2 weeks from birth until they are 12 weeks old and then this can be administered every 3 months . worms can be killers of dogs/cats so is vital you keep this upto date and is also a nasty sight if they do get them.


Flea prevention is also something you need to consider , remember prevention is alot better than cure and of course no one wants their home covered in fleas and their larvae.

 Fleas eat the eggs of worms, so when a pet grooms themselves and swallows a flea they are also possibly infecting themselves with worms. It makes sense therefore to treat for worms at the same time as any treatment for fleas.


This is a great site to find out more about your pets unwanted lodgers!




flea larvae